(GPS 37.330105, 22.556176). el. 880m. 

Zonaga is the climbing sector that can be seen from Agios Petros. It offers quiet surroundings with a beautiful view of the village and it has all the makings of a popular crag: good quality limestone, low to mid grades (5a-7c) on slabs, faces and mild overhangs and a very easy approach of 3 minutes.

Equippers: Dimitris Titopoulos, Thanos Pappas, Marianna Thymiaki, Nikos Eustratiadis and Stelios Sivissidis. Neilos Arfanis, Giannis Apostolou and Dionysia Filipaiou also helped.

Bolts: So far, all routes were equipped with UIAA certified Fixe PLX and UIAA certified Raumer 316L.

Gear: 60 meter rope, 18 QD.

Conditions: Best for fall, spring and summer climbing. In wintertime climbing can be done in the sun (see “shade”).

Shade:  Until 13:30 on routes 1-16. Until 12:00 on routes 17-23.

Exposure: Southwest.

Αναρρίχηση στο πεδίο Ζονάγκα, Άγιος Πέτρος Αρκαδίας
Giota Potamianou climbing the route "Neilos" at sector "Zonaga"


From Agios Petros take the main road towards Astros. After 3 km park at the obvious open space on the right of the road. Continue on foot for 100 m. You will see the rocks on your right.

Walking time:
 3 minutes. 

Elevation difference: 4m.