agios petros


Agios Petros Arcadias, is a mountain village built on a green slope at the north side of Mount Parnon at 950m elevation,  in Peloponnese, Greece.

Ο Άγιος Πέτρος Αρκαδίας πανοραμικά. Panoramic view of Agios Petros Arcadias

It has been declared a traditional settlement and its earliest historical mentions are around 1435. During the 18th century the village was booming due to trade with a population that reached 4.000. In its streets the visitor can see many stone-built manor houses and its big square is known for its church of Peter and Paul, as well as the traditional taverns, coffee houses and shops with traditional products and sweets.

The village is surrounded by forests of pine, chestnut, cedar, walnut and plane trees. You can find small rivers, waterfalls and bridges as well, forming a wonderful landscape.

The larger area is home to various species of protected flaura and fauna. Moreover, the cedar tree Juniperus Drupacea that surrounds the Malevi Monastery, only grows on this spot in all of Europe.


The village is located at the halfway point on the paved mountain road that connects the seaside town of Astros and the city of Tripoli.

You can get to the area via both towns.