(GPS 37.375272, 22.541241). el. 820m

Kakavo is a big climbing sector right opposite the small village of Messorachi that lies 9 klm from Agios Petros. From the rocks there is a wonderful view of Megali Tourla, Mount Parnon’s summit. It was discovered by Dimitris Titopoulos and Thanos Pappas in 2016 on a scouting trip. There is big potential here for new routes of all grades and the rocks offer everything: Long routes on faces, tufas, big caves, roofs etc.

Equippers: Dimitris Titopoulos, Thanos Pappas, Stelios Sivissidis, Nickos Kodros and Marianna Thymiaki. In addition, Lykourgos Polychronopoulos and Kostantinos Neokleous also helped.

Bolts: So far all routes were equipped with UIAA certified Fixe PLX and UIAA certified Raumer 316L.

Gear: 70m rope, 20 QDs.

Conditions: Best for fall, spring and summer climbing. In wintertime climbing is possible in the sun (see “Sun”).

Sun: Different parts of the crag receive sunlight at different times. 
On routes 1-4 after 14:00 and on routes 5-8 from 11:00 until 18:00. Routes 9-14 from 11:00 until 15.30 and routes 15-20 from 12:00 until 18:30.

Exposure: South, Southwest

Kostantinos Neokleous on the route «Dharma» , 6a+, Kakavo, 2017


From Agios Petros take the main road towards Tripoli. Approx 9 km after Agios Petros (having past the village of Kastri) you will arrive at a bridge with yellow siderails and right after, there is a paved road that descends to the right. Follow that road until you arrive at an open-air square and turn left on a cement road. Stay left and ignore various small descending roads the lead to houses. At the point where the road seems to end, turn left and immediately right, and then follow the cement road until it turns into a smooth dirt road and keep going. You don’t need a 4×4 car for the dirt road as it is smooth.

You can park your car at the first right tight turn, but there are spots for cars a little earlier too. The footpath starts there and heads left into the forest. At the small river turn right and follow the fixed ropes.  After the small river there are digged in steps that go up.  A little after take the right path that leads to a plateau. There are signs, cairns, and fixed ropes that will take you to the rocks.

In the case that you are coming from Tripoli, when you arrive at the bridge with yellow siderails (25 km from Tripoli) turn left on the paved road that descends towards Mesorachi and follow the same directions as above.

Walking Time: 10 minutes. Elevation difference 50 m.


New Routes not in the list:
Right to the Hijo de la luna route, there is Saltadoros 6c and to the left Kama Sutra 7c+. Further to the left there is Clinics Mental which is unfinished. Route #2 is also unfinished.