The village is located at the halfway point on the paved mountain road that connects the seaside town of Astros and the city of Tripoli. You can get to the area via both towns. (GPS 37.327691, 22.546582)


From Athens via Tripoli
2.15 hours // 195 km

From Athens take the E94 to Elefsina and Korinthos. After the Corith canal continue towards Tripoli on the E7 following the signs to Tripoli-Kalamata. At Tripoli take the exit «Sparti without tolls» (270 degrees turn). After 3.6 klm there is a sign on your right that reads «Ag. Petros» and points left. Turn left and continue for 7.5 klm where the road splits. Take the right road (there are greek-only signs «Αγ. Πετρος») and continue for another 3km where the road splits again (again greek-only signs). Take the left road (essentally staying on the main road). You first arrive at the small village of Mesorachi and you will see sector Kakavo opposite the village. Right after you will reach the village of Kastri were the road splits again. Take the right road to Agios Petros.

Upon arriving at Agios Petros you will see the Zonaga sector near the road directly opposite the village.


From Athens via Astros
3.10 hours // 198 km

Having past the Corinth canal and on your way to Tripoli Take the Exit «Ancient Nemea, Nauplio, Mykines» and follow the signs to Astros. Upon arriving at Astros stay left at the characteristic road split. After 500 m. turn right following the «Ag. Petros» sign and then after 350m turn left at yet another «Ag. Petros» sign. After 33 km and having past the wonderful juniper tree forest you will arrive at Agios Petros.


From Leonidio via Astros
1.50 hours // 81 km

From Leonidio take the seaside road towards Astros-Athens. Approx. 47 km from Leonidio there is a gas station on the left and right after you arrive at the “Paralio Astros” junction. Turn left and then turn left again at the sign “Agios Petros”. After 33 km and having passed through the wonderful Cedar forest you will arrive at the village.