The place reveals itself slowly to the visitors and offers a number of activities for every taste.

The international E4 footpath passes from the area as well as a number of local maped trails, most of which are marked and will lead hikers to unexpected places through dreamy routes. The hike to Mount Parnon’s summit “Megali Tourla”, which lies at 1935m elevation, is a very popular one. It passes through a unique plateau that blooms in spring and is a magical sight.

The area has a number of routes ranging from 3 to 30 km with scenic landscapes that catch the eye.

There are a number of Canyons on mount Parnon. Very close to Agios Petros lies the canyon of “Lepida” with the waterfalls of the same name.

Apart from the numerous caves of the general area, recently a cave was discovered right next to climbing sector Zonaga, directly opposite from Agios Petros.

Agios Petros is the starting point of the annual ultra-marathon  race «Kronion». There are also a number of trail running races up to 21 km held in the surounding villages (e.g. the races in the Village of Ano Doliana).

Every year in July the meeting of Greek astronomers takes place in the glade near the mountain hut that lies 25 minutes by car from Agios Petros. The spot has been chosen for its very low light-pollution.

The Malevi monastery that lies just 5 minutes from Agios Petros attracts visitors from all around the world. Religious tourism is one of the drivers of the Village’s economy.

Oneirologio in the village of Ano Doliana is a space where kids and adults can learn archery, test themselves in the obstacle course, play paintball and take part in hikes in the surrounding forests. In addition the place organizes corporate events and school excursions.